Month of mist and romance in valleys – A verse

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I’ve come here to breath under the heavens
This is the month of love in the abode of gods
I see a white silky sheet of haze
It drizzles often in the valley these days
The birds and flowers are singing a song of love
There is a nest on a twig of deodar where sits the dove
Month of long stem buttercup, May apple and thimbleweed
Little by little the hillside will burgeon into a flower field
Drenched grass looks glittering green under the sun
From an adjoining bakery, coming sweet smell of baked buns
Few blue whistling thrush sitting alongside a puddle
Preening themselves, they performed some cuddle
The elderly couple ready to take a walk down the road
A pair of redstart is twittering on a branch, a wife and a lord
Early morning dewdrops shining on oak branches and foliage
The mountains look majestic when enfolded in haze.

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