On the Road Again – A Poem

I’ve come a long way
With the help of a sheen ray

No vehicle to take me there
Seems I’ll have to walk 20 miles more

Sauntering through the soggy jungle
My shoes get wet & my bag’s rather heavy that I crumble

I lay down seeing the floating clouds hanging low
Haze enfolding the valley with its shadow

The huge cloud approaching the brink of a cliff
These majestic clouds carry a bizarre whiff

I try to shut my eyes & soak up the nature
The whole vale is encased in visible vapor

It has started to drizzle, cold droplets wetting my skin
It’s getting darker I see through the mist

I run to an adjoining lodge to grab the only vacant room
Exhausted, I hit the sack to wake up at the dawn

To see the sun rise above the horizon
& run down the road one more time.


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